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19 March 1999 National board and presidium of the League of Expellees (Bund der Vertriebenen; BdV) declare their will to initiate a project for the documenting and processing German and European displacements
19 May 2000 Unanimous resolution of the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN foundation concept by the presidium of the League of Expellees
12 July 2000

Submission of the first foundation concept to the those days Polish Foreign Minster Prof. Dr. Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
(no response)

11 August 2000

Submission of the first foundation concept to twelve ambassadors of central and eastern European states in Berlin
(no responses except for Russia)

6 September 2000

Foundation of the non-profit foundation
ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN with its headquarters in Wiesbaden
Erika Steinbach MP
Prof. Dr. Peter Glotz

19 October 2000

Panel discussion in the Frankfurt "Press Club"
"Poles and Germans - how open are dialogues today?" with Erika Steinbach MP, Thomas Urban and Kazimierz Wojcicki

23 January 2001

Panel discussion in the "Residenz" in Munich
"Is the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN preventing German-Czech dialogue?"
with Dr. Bohumil Dolezal, Prof. Dr. Peter Glotz and Erika Steinbach MP
Head: Dr. Johannes Grotzky
Opening words: President of the Bavarian Diet Johann Böhm MD

10 February 2001

Benefit concert in the Neues Schloss in Stuttgart
with the German-Swiss Casal Quartet
Opening words: Minister-President of
Erwin Teufel

Benefizkonzert in Stuttgart
Benefit concert in Stuttgart

Summer 2001 Letter to all the districts in Germany
Become a sponsor of the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN foundation for 10 Pfennigs per inhabitant
17 February 2002 Benefit concert in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt
with the Augsburg "Domsingknaben" under the patronage of Minister-President of Hessen Roland Koch
Opening words: Lady Mayoress Petra Roth and Prof. Dr. Peter Scholl-Latour
19 March 2002 Panel discussion in the "Palais am Festungsgraben" in Berlin
"ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN - overdue or superfluous?"
With Götz Aly, Prof. Dr. Peter Glotz, Prof. Dr. Guido Knopp, Dr. Michael Naumann, Erika Steinbach MP
Head: Prof. Dr. Michael Stürmer
24 April 2002 Constituent assembly of the Scientific Advisory Panel in Berlin
4 July 2002 Resolution of the German Federal Parliament
"For a centre against expulsions with a European alignment"

16 July 2002 Endowment of the Franz Werfel Human Rights Award by the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN
5 August 2002 Solidarity event in Berlin
for the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN by displaced persons from various ethnic groups
Participants: Lisa Bersanowa (Chechnya), Ksenija Bodlovic (Serb from Croatia), Dr. Ibrahim Hasani (Roma from Kosovo), Fadila Memisevic (Bosnian Moslem), Sophie Phitidis (Greek Cypriot), Hans Sonnleitner (Danube Swabian from the former Yugoslavia)
Pressekonferenz mit Vertriebenen unterschiedlicher Volksgruppen
Press conference with expellees from various ethnic groups

23 January 2003

2nd meeting of the Scientific Advisory Panel in Berlin
Consideration of the location for the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN; resolution for Berlin

23 January 2003

Jury meeting for awarding the Franz- -Werfel Human Rights Prize
Participants: Dr. Ralph Giordano, Prof. Dr. Peter Glotz, Dr. Otto v. Habsburg, Dr. Klaus Hänsch MEP, Dr. Helga Hirsch, Prof. Dr. György Konrad, Erika Steinbach MP

18 June 2003 Panel discussion in the Academy of Arts in Berlin
"ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN - who is this message for?"
Participants: Dr. Peter Becher, Dr. Mihran Dabag, Günter Grass, Dr. Helga Hirsch, Adam Krzeminski, Erika Steinbach MP
Presentation: Ernst Elitz
Günter Grass bei der Podiumsdiskussion in der Akademie der Künst Günter Grass at the panel discussion in the Academy of Arts
29 June 2003 Award of the Franz-Werfel-Human Rights Award in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt/ Mainto the Czech initiators of the "Cross of Reconciliation" in Wekelsdorf / Teplice nad Metuji (Czech Republic) and Dr. Mihran Dabag;
Opening words: Lady Mayoress Petra Roth;
Introduction: Erika Steinbach MP;
eulogies by Dr. Ralph Giordano; Prof. Dr. Peter Glotz;
speaker: Berthold Kohler, editor "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung"

Summer 2003 Letter to all the districts, towns and cities in Germany
Become a sponsor of the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN foundation for 5 cents per inhabitant
13 August 2003 Publication of the declaration "A national and a European matter"
by the members of the Scientific Advisory Panel and supporters of the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN
early September 2003

Publication of the advertisement "For a ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN in Berlin" in a number of nation-wide daily newspapers by members of the supporter group

15/16 September 2003 Visit by Erika Steinbach MP to Warsaw
invited by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Among other things, meetings with Minister Dariusz Szymczychy, Secretary of State of the Presidial Chancellery; retired Ambassador Janusz Reiter, chairman of the Centre for International Relationships; discussion meeting of the "Rzeczpospolita" newspaper on the ZENTRUM GEGEN VERTREIBUNGEN
29 November 2003 Joint meeting of the Scientific Advisory Panel and supporters in Berlin
Discussion on the further mode of procedure
December 2003 Escape and expulsion in Europe
The return of what has been suppressed Start of discussion and film series of the Media and Communication Centre in Berlin organized by the Federal Institution for Political Education/bpb in cooperation with the German Historical Museum, the Körber Foundation - Forum für Impulse - and the
Media partner: Deutschlandfunk
Location: Zeughauskino cinema
Unter den Linden 2, 10117 Berlin
Presentation: Dr. Helga Hirsch, journalist
12 December 2003
7:30 p.m.
Integration of what has been suppressed and tabooed.
Dealing with the subject of escape and displacement in East and West Germany

16 January 2004
7:30 p.m.
The return of family histories

30 January 2004
7:30 p.m.
The return of locations

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